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Client Education

Retirement Income Education

Once your initial retirement income strategy is in place, the job of managing, monitoring, and updating your plan begins. You'll want to make sure that you are staying on track and making adjustments as your situation changes and as opportunities or emergencies arise. Working with your Financial Advisor throughout retirement can help you assess your overall financial picture and make adjustments, if necessary, to your investing and withdrawal strategies. In addition, you'll want to plan ahead by creating, organizing, and updating your estate and legacy plans.

Account Statement Review

Determining whether your investments are helping you work toward your financial goals requires that you stay informed regarding your account's activity and performance. That's why it's important to know how to read your statement. It gives you the information you need to help you work with your Financial Advisor.

Performance Reports Review

This comprehensive client report details the performance of your portfolio on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis as well as graphically depicting the allocation of your investments across different asset classes.

Investment Product Education

At RedStone Advisors we believe knowledge is critical to the investment process and that the best investor is one who strives to understand the investments and processes utilized in managing their portfolio. During reviews we constantly apprise clients of investment alternatives that may enhance their overall allocation and performance.

Market updates

During reviews we always discuss current markets, possible trends, and long term outlooks that will affect your portfolio and retirement planning.