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Plan Design

Proprietary Plan Health Analysis

Implementing proprietary Plan Health technology, we monitor current plan health against plan goals and historical plan performance.

Optimize Plan Design

We help you stay current with evolving regulations, so you can ensure that the legal, compliance, and design components of your plan are up to date. We review the operational features of your plan from an unbiased perspective, and focus on results-based approaches and improving participant outcomes. Your RedStone consulting team will work diligently to understand the goals, challenges, industry, and company demographics in order to tailor a plan that meets your organizations unique needs. We do not do “cookie cutter” or “one-size-fits” all when it comes to plan design.

Automating Plan Features

Implementing auto features such as automatic enrollment, automatic deferral escalation and automatic re-enrollment can enhance participant outcomes. Additionally, these features can help plans pass discrimination testing and help key employees to contribute to the plan at a meaningful level where they otherwise might not have been able to. RedStone Advisors will help you determine which if any of these features would be beneficial to your plan and prepare a strategy for implementing them.

Executive Benefit Strategies

Our comprehensive executive compensation strategies can assist you in recruiting, rewarding and retaining your most highly qualified and valuable employees.

  • Help increase your ability to recruit top talent by enhancing the attractiveness of your total benefits package.
  • Encourage loyalty among select employees by helping secure their financial futures.
  • Help provide additional opportunities to reward your employees financially, based on the structure of your non-qualified plan.