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Fiduciary Planning

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Merger & Acquisition Analysis

When a business grows through either a merger or acquisition, there are consequences to a retirement plan that need to be addressed to ensure that the plan remains in compliance with the Department of Labor and ERISA legislation. RedStone Advisors can work with your retirement plan service providers to either consolidate or keep separate the retirement plans of the merged companies.

Assist in Development of Fiduciary File

As fiduciaries to the retirement plan, the investment committee has to document a prudent process in making decisions that affect plan participants. RedStone Advisors works directly with plan fiduciaries to create a fiduciary file to encompass pertinent information.

Conduct Total Plan Cost Analysis

The Department of Labor requires plan fiduciaries to be aware of fees assessed against plan participants and to ensure the "reasonableness" of these fees. RedStone Advisors assists in this process by breaking down plan fees in an easy to understand format. Additionally, RedStone Advisors will compare plan fees to the fees assessed in similar plans of a similar size to help ensure the fees assessed are in line with market rates.

Provide Basic Support

RedStone Advisors works with your recordkeeping provider and if applicable third party administrator to help you stay in compliance with the many laws and regulations concerning employer-sponsored retirement plans. RedStone Advisors aids in setting up an investment policy statement and an education policy statement. RedStone Advisors will also prepare the necessary documentation for investment monitoring and will aid in the due diligence and notification process when plan changes occur.

Provide Pertinent Legislative Updates

As the main method of retirement savings in the United States, employer-sponsored retirement plans are frequently affected by new legislation and Department of Labor regulations. RedStone Advisors will help plan fiduciaries to understand the regulations and coordinate with other service providers to help ensure the regulations go into effect within the plan. Additionally, RedStone Advisors participates in industry meetings to understand the impact of regulations for employer-sponsored retirement plans. The managing partner of the Corporate Services Division of RedStone Advisors, James Moyes, is one of 100 401(k) plan advisors in the United States to participate in the annual National Association of Plan Advisors Capitol Hill Forum. At this forum, James advises top Congressional leaders about the future of the retirement savings industry and how proposed laws and regulations could affect American workers’ retirement security.