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Plan Investment Services

Establish Investment Committee

The investment committee is the governing body of a retirement plan. RedStone Advisors will assist as to who should be a part of the committee and how often the committee should meet. RedStone Advisors will also help formalize the process of establishing the investment committee.

Meet with Investment Committee

RedStone Advisors meets with the investment committee on a regular basis to discuss the performance of investments and other factors affecting the plan participants. A section of each meeting is dedicated to educate the members of the investment committee concerning their responsibilities.

Assist in the Development, Maintenance, and Monitoring of the Investment Policy Statement

The Investment Policy Statement is the document adopted by the investment committee and used to formalize the process for adding or deleting investments from the retirement plan. RedStone Advisors will suggest investment monitoring criteria to the investment committee and help to make sure the plan remains in compliance with the investment policy statement.

Conduct Investment Monitoring and Due Diligence

Plan investments are monitored according to the criteria set forth in the investment policy statement. The investments within the plan are monitored on an ongoing basis.

Monitor Investment Menu Design

A retirement plan’s investment menu has a direct impact on plan participation. As such, RedStone Advisors works to suggest various types of investments that will meet the needs of a wide range of individuals.

Facilitate Conference Calls between Investment Managers and the Investment Committee

From time to time the investment committee may want to closely scrutinize a particular investment. When this is the case, RedStone Advisors is capable of setting up a conference call between the investment committee and the investment manager so committee members have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the manager.

Analyze Plan Level Investment Allocation

RedStone Advisors periodically reviews the plan investment allocation to help ensure that the plan allocation is in line with the retirement plan’s demographic. This analysis helps RedStone Advisors to determine problem points in participant accounts such as a lack of diversification or little understanding of investment risk.

Conduct Investment/Investment Manager Search

When an investment is underperforming, RedStone Advisors will find comparable investments with which the underperforming investment can be replaced. The new investment options will be suggested based on the criteria set forth in the investment policy statement. RedStone Advisors presents the replacement options to the investment committee for consideration.