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Plan Sponsor Services

Review Plan Objectives and Basic Plan Design Consulting

Employers offer retirement plans to their employees for a myriad of reasons and the goals of the employers are not always the same. Instead of recommending a generic plan structure, RedStone Advisors first consults with the executive team to determine the main purpose for starting a retirement plan. Once the employer’s objectives have been established, RedStone advisors can help a business choose the type of retirement plan to offer and the provisions that should be contained in the plan document. Additionally, RedStone Advisors will evaluate multiple employer matching structures to help ensure the client is matching employee contributions in the most effective way.

Conduct Annual Retirement Plan Checkup

The purpose of the annual retirement plan checkup is to ensure the plan is being successfully used by plan participants and to identify possible areas for improvement. Once an area of improvement has been identified, RedStone Advisors will make a formal recommendation and plan to address the issue.

Provide Plan Sponsor Education/Training

As fiduciaries to the plan, it is essential that the investment committee members understand their duties and obligations. RedStone Advisors takes the time to explain the method for choosing and monitoring investments, the structure of plan fees, and the consequences of proposed changes to the plan. Along with in-person training, RedStone Advisors provides Department of Labor publications to help each committee member understand his or her fiduciary responsibilities. RedStone Advisors also provides phone and e-mail support to plan fiduciaries.

Distribute Retirement Plan Newsletter

On a monthly basis RedStone Advisors e-mails a newsletter to all investment committee members with articles about plan governance, industry trends, and legislative updates.